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Oh, the Greed, the Greed!

This is from a Superman story in Action Comics from 1942. Siegel and Shuster were often critics of the boardroom, and early Superman stories often focused on unsafe work or living conditions. In this story, the millionare at the head of the table has decided to give away his money--to the richest person who can convince him that he will do more with it (it's actually a trick by Luthor to get these greedy gasbags into the same room so he can rob them all).  My personal favorite is the fellow in the lower right corner, representing the Occupy Action Comics contingent. 

Action Comics #47 (April 1942), page 9, story and art by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster


I'm Confident

The great thing about these comics from the 1940s is how similar the situations are to the present. I believe we like to think that some of these confidence scams originated with email and the internet, but, as seen in this Paul Kirk, Manhunter, panel below, con artists and thieves were using that new technology of the time, the telephone, to engage in exactly the same game.  It's not the technology, it's human nature--we all would like to think we've got that rich uncle, but that's just our greed showing, which certain people well understand and attempt to take advantage of.



Comics in Comics #3

Self referential example from Sensation Comics #1, January 1942.


Comics in Comics #2

This one is so meta it almost hurts to think about. From Master Comics #22, January 1942, Fawcett Publications.


Plus ca change

Perhaps that's why Rome fell?

(images from Four Color Comics #15, 1942, featuring Felix the Cat)


Comics in Comics

From Human Torch #6, Winter 1942


The Daily Duck for 4 July 2011

from World's Best Comics (1941)

At least it's been dressed.


The Daily Duck for 3 July 2011

Uncle Scrooge is kinda like Uncle Sam in this regard.



The Daily Duck for 2 July 2011

In the first appearance of Donald Duck, he looked somewhat more goose-like than later.

from Walt Disney Comics & Stories (194X)


The Daily Duck for 01 July 2011

In an attempt to pay more attention to this web site, I have decided to bring you the fruits of my research into how the disposable entertainment medium known collectively as "comics" have depicted our fine feathered friends over the years. This is inspired in part by a little stuffed bull known as Bully, who has run similar features on his web site devoted to Ben Grimm (aka The Thing), Hank McCoy (aka Beast), and the Warriors Three. I was going to concentrate on just my favorite comic duck, Howard, but then realized that there were others as equally deserving of being featured, such as Daffy, Darkwing, Dewey, Destroyer, Donald, Ding, Huey, Louie, and Scrooge, and that's only the drakes and doesn't even get into the real ducks!

Without further belaboring the idea, here's your first installment:

Given that he's trapped in a non-duck dominated world, I don't think the pun is intentional.from Howard the Duck (v1 n1), Jan 1976, Created and Written by Steve Gerber, Illustrated and Colored by Frank Brunner, Inked by Steve Leialoha, Lettered by John Costanza, Edited by Marv Wolfman, Published by Marvel Comics

So, come back daily for another ducky dose, won't you?